WRTA’s Routes and Schedule: Your Path to Easy Travel

    As the air grows crisper and the leaves start to turn, the Wind River Transportation Authority (WRTA) Fall/Winter/Spring Fixed Routes are set and ready to serve. This comprehensive transportation network covers almost 100 miles, providing a vital lifeline of mobility and accessibility to communities spanning Lander, Riverton, Hudson, Ft. Washakie, Ethete, Fremont County, and the Wind River Indian Reservation.

    WRTA’s steadfast commitment to enhancing transportation options and expanding its services has been a focus over the past two years. This forward momentum has been fueled by the support of the ½% Economic Development Tax, a testament to the community’s dedication to improving transportation infrastructure.

    The Fall/Winter/Spring Fixed Routes offer an invaluable solution to the transportation needs of residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re a student needing a reliable way to get to class, a professional heading to work, or a community member in search of convenient travel options, WRTA’s fixed routes are designed to cater to a diverse range of needs.

    For those who are curious about the intricacies of the routes or require assistance, the WRTA team is available to provide information and answer questions. You can reach out to them at 856-7118. The fare for this invaluable service is $2 per ride, payable in cash only. These routes are operational from Monday to Friday, ensuring that your weekday travels are smooth and hassle-free.

    The WRTA’s schedule covers a variety of key locations that are central to the daily lives of our communities. Some of the notable stops along the route include:

    Riverton: Central Wyoming Airport, Wind River Job Corps, CWC Circle Drive, Riverton Library, Riverton City Hall, Riverton County Buildings, Pit Stop (S. Federal)
    Wind River Casino
    Hudson: Post Office, Kai Espresso
    Lander Bomgaars, NOLS HQ (3rd & Lincoln), Amoretti & 1st Street
    Shoshone Rose Casino
    Ft. Washakie: Rock Hall
    Ethete: Ethete Store
    Kinnear: Fire Hall

    To ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest news and any changes to the route schedule, be sure to check the official WRTA website or visit their Facebook page. Their commitment to providing timely and accurate information showcases their dedication to ensuring your travel experience is as seamless as possible.

    The Fixed Routes by WRTA are more than just transportation; they represent a lifeline connecting communities, fostering accessibility, and promoting economic growth. As the leaves fall and winter blankets the region, WRTA is our source of reliable and efficient transportation, offering a warm and welcoming ride to all who journey with them.

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