Wind River Cares opens Warming Hut for those in need – Located behind 789

    As the winter chill sets in, Wind River Family and Community Health Care (Wind River Cares) is extending a warm embrace to those in need with the opening of a winter warming hut. The initiative aims to provide temporary shelter during the coldest months, creating a safe haven for tribal members and the broader community.

    Nestled behind 789 Smokeshop & Casino, the warming hut stands as a beacon of warmth and hope. Operating daily from 5 pm to 9 am, this initiative seeks to address the critical need for shelter during the harsh winter nights. The modular structure, adorned with a distinctive blue banner, is easily identifiable, offering a respite from the biting cold.

    The warming hut is not exclusive to tribal members alone; it extends its doors to any community member facing the harsh realities of winter without a place to call home. This inclusive approach reflects Wind River Care’s commitment to the well-being of the entire community.

    How to Access the Warming Hut

    For those seeking shelter or looking to assist someone in need, the warming hut is conveniently located behind 789 Smokeshop & Casino. To gather more information or inquire about available services, individuals can reach out to Wind River Cares at the following numbers: 307-438-3421 or 307-438-3370.

    A Community United

    This initiative underscores the power of community and the collective responsibility to care for one another. By opening the doors of the warming hut, Wind River Family and Community Health Care is fostering a spirit of unity and compassion. It is a reminder that, regardless of background or circumstance, we are all part of a larger community, and we must stand together in times of need.

    To support this endeavor, share this information with those who may need it or lend a helping hand to ensure that everyone in our community can find warmth during the coldest nights of the year.

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