Two dogs at large fatally shot in separate incidents in Riverton this week

    (Riverton, WY) – There were two reported incidents of dogs at large being shot and killed in Riverton this week, according to call log reports from both the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) and Riverton Police Department (RPD).

    The reports indicate both dogs were not strays and had owners.

    The first incident was reported in the RPD call log report from Monday, September 18, and occurred on Stoner Cir. around 1:00 PM.


    The available narrative in the report states that two dogs had been loose in the neighborhood “acting aggressively,” when a 71 year old man had returned to his home in the area.

    He was not aware of the animals when he arrived, and when he got out of his truck the dogs charged him, according to witness statements.

    The man then reportedly shot one of the dogs with a .22 pistol when it was about a foot away, and was dead when law enforcement later arrived on scene.

    The report states that the dog’s owner was later advised of what had happened, at which point she said she “understood” the situation, and “had no idea how the dogs had gotten loose.”


    The report did not indicate if any citations were issued in this instance.

    The second incident was reported in the Thursday, September 21 FCSO call log report, and occurred on Highway 789 around 4:13 PM.

    The available narrative in the report stated that the RP (reporting party) advised they got home around 12:00 PM the day prior, and found three dogs killing rabbits on his property.


    The RP stated they then then shot at the dogs, killing one of them while the other two ran away.

    The report also stated that a rabbit was found deceased, and that the dog owner was later cited for dog at large.

    A recent post on the RPD Facebook page reminds folks of the following:


    September brings beautiful weather and one of the best times to recreate with your dog. While you are out on a walk, jogging along a trail, or playing in the park, please remember to put a leash on your furry friend. City ordinance prohibits dogs to roam at large and requires your leash to be less than ten feet in length. Dogs are free to roam, run, and play off-leash at Dacey’s Place at Rotary Dog Park located at the southern end of S 2nd E, adjacent to the Riverwalk Trail. Thanks for your help as you have fun with your favorite four-legged friend!


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