Tech Tips Live with Wind River Internet – Data Backup Solutions {VIDEO}

    Patrick Adam Lawson, Executive Manager of Wind River Internet and County 10’s Charene Herrera sat down to answer viewers’ tech questions and discuss the topic of Data Backup Solutions. Learn how to proactively save your data at home and work in the event of losing your computers or a disaster.

    Join us tomorrow for the upcoming Tech Tips Live event on Tuesday, October 31st at 11:30 am, streaming simultaneously on Facebook Live and YouTube. During this session, we’ll dive into the exciting world of Smart Home Devices, exploring topics like smart speakers, digital assistants, cameras, thermostats, and even the latest mini robots. Additionally, we’ll share some spooky Halloween-themed features and tricks these devices have in store for this year’s festivities. For instance, Alexa boasts a range of entertaining Halloween skills. Don’t miss out on all this and more!

    Wind River Internet offers unlimited Internet to the home or office using the latest technology to deliver the fastest speed and the best coverage on the Wind River Range.

    Call 307-857-2004 for more information and to sign up for service. Visit the website!

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