Survey: Thanksgiving in Wyoming typically happier than most other states

With an unusual Thanksgiving coming up this week, the folks at Estately have released their annual “Thanksgiving Misery Index.” A study to find out which state is most and least likely to have a good holiday.

They ranked several categories including food poisoning, binge drinking, shopping enthusiasm, contentious politics and more to discover that overall Wyoming is pretty satisfied when it comes to Thanksgiving.

We rank 42nd in Thanksgiving Misery (the higher the number, the better.)


The only states happier than us are Idaho, Connecticut, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Utah, Arkansas, New Mexico, and the happiest… Hawaii.

Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wisconsin rank the highest in misery.

Here’s how Wyoming broke down by category;

Salmonella Cases Per Capita From Poultry – 16th


Binge Drinking – 32nd

Contentious Politics – 48th

Dietary Restrictions – 48th


NFL team(s) losing percentage on Thanksgiving – 7th

Enthusiasm for Black Friday sales – 37th

For the full study click here.


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