Scam Alert! Wyoming Community Bank warns community of latest scam

    “We received a notification last night regarding fraudulent text messages circulating within our community. These messages falsely claim that a transaction was conducted with “Wyoming Community” and instruct recipients to click on a link to cancel the transaction.

    DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. If you have already clicked on it and entered any credentials, please urgently contact the bank.

    It’s unfortunate that scammers resort to such tactics to exploit your funds. While currently attempting to impersonate us, be aware that they may also imitate reputable entities such as USPS, Amazon, Microsoft, and other banks. Exercise caution with emails and text messages requesting personal information or credentials. If uncertain, directly contact the company. Pay attention to discrepancies such as inaccurate names, missing or misspelled words, and suspicious URLs. Stay vigilant to protect your information.”


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