Riverton bank warns of counterfeit $100 bills

    (Riverton, WY) – There have recently been reports of fake $100 bill circulation at local banks in the Riverton area, according to a message sent to County 10 that originated from from Victor Allen, Senior VP at Wyoming Community Bank and Treasurer with the Riverton Chamber.

    Allen’s message advised to “be on the lookout for Fake $100 Bills being circulated in our area,” and that they have “seen this bill at multiple branches during the past week, and (are) aware that other banks may have also received these.”

    Fake $100 bill. h/t Wyoming Community Bank

    According to that message from Allen, the bills mark okay with the currency verification pen, but display other signifiers of why they are counterfeit, including having “a different feel, slightly different color, no thread, no ridges on the jacket and no color shifting ink.”


    The counterfeit bills all also reportedly share the same serial number. 

    County 10 contacted the Riverton Police Department about the issue, with Police Chief Eric Hurtado stating that so far, the bill mentioned above has been the only one reported.

    “We are obtaining more information at this time,” Chief Hurtado stated. “No subjects have been charged and we will continue to look into the matter.”

    While other reports have yet to come in, counterfeit currency has been an issue for Riverton residents/business owners as recently as April of 2023, when an ordinance was passed that officially made it illegal to use counterfeit money in town.


    If you have suspicions of a counterfeit bill, call RPD at (307) 856-4891.


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