Salazar announces bid for re-election

    (Fremont County, WY) – Incumbent Tim Salazar for Senate District 26 announced his run for re-election by sharing the following:

    I am announcing today my candidacy for re-election to the Wyoming State Senate. I have kept my promises to my constituents and passed significant legislation since being in office.

    I run for re-election to continue to give constituent services to anyone who needs my help in Senate District 26.


    I run to bring property tax relief to my constituency and will continue to oppose any higher taxes or fees from the State of Wyoming.

    I run to address the inflation my constituents face in higher food & fuel prices in any way I can from the legislature; and bring economic development to Fremont County.

    I run to protect my constituents’ Constitutional Rights from all federal or state intrusion.

    I’ve had dozens of Town Hall Meetings since entering the legislature. I will continue to do so for those who I work for.


    Finally, if you don’t know me or haven’t met me, ask those who have. I’ve been fortunate enough to help many over the years. They are the best judge of my character and effectiveness.

    I ask for your vote on Primary Election Day, August 20th.

    County 10 does not endorse any political candidate and strictly separates news from advertising.


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