Fremont County Clerk’s Election Office Notification of Changes for 2024 Wyoming Elections

    The Clip & Save flyer is being sent out to all households in Fremont County. In an effort to inform voters on the changes for the 2024 election, the County Clerk’s Election Office provides this information.


    Primary Elections in Wyoming are considered “closed”. This means that the two major parties (Republican and Democrat) each have their own partisan ballots for Federal, State and County Offices. This provides each party the opportunity to select their best candidates in the General Election where all voters can vote on these races.


    Municipal Offices are considered non-partisan and therefore are on both party ballots or just as a non- partisan ballot in the Primary, if you reside within a municipality, with the top candidates advancing to the General. Example: If it is a vote for 1 then the top 2 candidates will advance to the General.


    No legislative bills were passed regarding proof of residency. However, the statues state that a voter must be a U.S. Citizen, 18 years of age and a “bonafide resident” of the state and county where they CURRENTLY reside. Any substantial complaint filed with factual information to the contrary will be turned over to law enforcement to investigate with potential prosecution.

    Residency Rules proposed by the Secretary of State are still under review at the time of this advertisement. A Wyoming Driver’s license is the best way to prove Wyoming residency. Don’t wait until August to update or obtain you Wyoming Drivers’ license!!


    Fremont County Clerk, 450 N. 2nd Street, Rm 220, Lander, WY 82520
    Fremont Election Office, 450 N. 2nd Street, Rm 120, Lander, WY 82520
    (307)332-1088;(307)332-1089; (307)332-1017
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    Public Notice paid for by Fremont County Clerk, Election Office


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