SageWest Staff Spotlight: Mitzy Baldwin

    Join us as we spotlight another member of our incredible SageWest team. Meet Mitzy Baldwin, a pharmacy technician at SageWest.

    Mitzy began her healthcare career in environmental services and joined the SageWest five years ago. “When I started working at SageWest, I knew I wanted to move into pharmacy,” Mitzy said. “An opportunity finally opened for a pharmacy technician in training two years ago, so I applied. Now I wish I would have done it years ago.” Mitzy earned her pharmacy technician certification in November.

    Each morning, Mitzy and the pharmacy staff review and process orders for medications that need to reach patients throughout the day. In the afternoons, they prepare IVs and take medications to the machines, place additional orders, and maintain the pharmacy’s medicine inventory. “I also work to see who I can make laugh throughout the day,” Mitzy admitted.

    Depending on the individual needs of patients on any given day, the pharmacy can be very busy preparing medications. “It can be hectic, but it’s a positive challenge,” Mitzy said. “I’m never bored and I’m always learning something new in my job.”

    “Everyone at SageWest works hard to provide exceptional care to our community,” Mitzy said. “Each day, I feel like I make a real difference.”

    Congratulations on earning your pharmacy technician certification, Mitzy! You are a valued and essential member of our SageWest team, and we thank you for your dedication to our patients and community.

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