RMS student of the week: Tearny-Jade Zimmerman

    Each week, staff at Riverton Middle School nominate a student who has shown outstanding behavior towards their peers and academics. Click here to view all students.

    Tearny-Jade is uniquely her own person and that’s one of the best things about her. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks and she definitely has a lot of things to say! She cares a lot about the people around her and stands up for what’s right when she sees something that needs to be addressed- whether it’s a popular opinion or not. She is a valued member of Gaming Club and is very inclusive of everyone who wants to try a new game or idea. She loves choir, games, and dinosaurs. She tries her best in all of her academic classes and earns mostly As and Bs. She was on the 3.5 honor roll and 4.0 honor roll all last year in 7th grade. We really appreciate Tearny-Jade and she is a great asset to have as an 8th grader at Riverton Middle School! 


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