RHS Student of the week: Braden Vincent

Each week, staff at Riverton High School nominate a student who has shown outstanding behavior towards their peers and their academics. At the end of the year, County 10 will present a scholarship of $500 to one of the students nominated! Click here to view all students.

Braden Vincent was nominated as student of the week by Mrs. Tomi Kirkland and Mrs. Ceira Roberts:

Tomi Kirkland: “Braden’s calm and steady demeanor make him a welcomed addition to the classroom environment; he is a deep thinker and a phenomenal writer.  He adds brilliant insight into class discussion.  His bright smile and positive attitude add to his charismatic personality.  Braden is a great leader on the football field and his presence at RHS will be missed next year.”


Mrs. Ceira Roberts: “Braden is the type of student you want in your classroom. He is always ready to learn something new and will give everything his all to make the most of it. He will ask for clarification on a topic, not just to have the right answer, but to understand why that is the correct answer. Always respectful to his teachers and his peers. Without a doubt in my mind, Braden will accomplish wonderful things in his life. He’s involved in Football, Track/Field, StuCo. Braden takes on the role of a leader naturally. In group work that we’ve done, there is never a leader assigned but Braden just assumes that position to help his team be the most successful. He received a special football award.”

Braden has received the John Hursh Award, is English Honors II student of the year, four time 4.0 honor roll, and lettered Academically (3 years), lettered in football (3 years) and track (2 years). Braden also lettered in swimming as a freshman and broke a school record.

Braden enjoys snowboarding, reading, lifting weights, and playing Madden.

After graduation, Braden plans to earn a degree in engineering at Montana Tech University while playing football.


Braden is the son of Devany Collins and Tom Vincent.


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