Meet the Celebrity Chefs for Porter’s Grilled

    The competition is heating up and the chefs are honing their burger-building skills for this Saturday’s Grilled event at Porter’s Mountain View Supply in Riverton. Come have some fun, enjoy lunch provided by Porter’s, check out the events and watch the much-anticipated burger battle!

    The celebrity chefs duking it out for the Grilled champion are:

    Alma Law, Law of the Homestead

    Alma Law is a passionate eater and was asked at the age of 15 in Texas to teach a BBQ class for couples on Valentine’s Day. He is focusing more and more on local meats and grains. He has joined the board for the Fremont Local Market and stocks his ancient grain sourdough and home-brewed ginger beer for local customers.

    Patrick Edwards, RadCast Outdoors

    Patrick Edwards is a native-born Wyomingite who loves to hunt and fish. Fishing is his main passion and that all began when he was a young boy. He fondly remembers the first time he caught a bunch of fish on his own. He was on a camping trip with his family in the Snowy Range mountains, west of Laramie Wyoming. There was a small creek near the camp, and it was loaded with brook trout. He remembers going from rock to rock with a simple fishing setup of a stick with a piece of fishing line tied to it. He had a small Eagle Claw hook on the end of the line with a small split shot to weigh it down. His dad had packed a bunch of worms and he took those on the creek with me for bait. He dropped the line in the water behind the boulders in the creek and caught a whole bunch of fish. From then on, he was hooked! Patrick loves cooking and smoking fish but is no stranger to beef and looks forward to firing up the grill on June 17th!

    Vince Tropea, County 10

    Vince Tropea is a local reporter and morning radio show host for County 10, you can hear him Monday through Friday at 7 am on 1330 AM / 107.7 FM KOVE. When he’s not reporting or connecting the community through interviews, you can find him walking his dog Downtown Moxie Brown on Lander’s Main Street, swinging clubs on the golf course or making (and posting photos of) delicious food concoctions. While he’s no grill master, Tropea looks forward to applying his amateur cooking skills to the competition!

    Cheer them on, feed your face and have some fun!

    Get fired up for an unforgetta-burger experience on Saturday, June 17th, as Porter’s presents the sizzlingly spectacular Father’s Day extravaganza! This action-packed event guarantees non-stop entertainment that will have the whole family flipping with joy.

    From 11:30 am to 3 pm, the day will be a sizzlefest of fun for everyone! Prizes and swag will be handed out throughout the event, so keep those peepers peeled for a chance to win. Don’t miss out on this epic Father’s Day weekend hootenanny at Porter’s – it’s a day that will sear itself into your memories forever!

    Now, let’s fire up those grills and make this Father’s Day an absolute grill-iant affair!

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