LVHS Student of the Week: Tac McReynolds

    Tac McReynolds, a Senior, was nominated as this weeks’ LVHS Student of the Week.

    Tac was nominated by Crystal ComesRunningBuck:

    “Tac is not afraid to jump in and help out in the Tiger Den Coffee shop when they are busy, even when it is not his shift/class. I have seen him several times, jump in and help during passing period, helping the staff and satisfying the students (customers). He is always bringing new ideas to the table to improve the Tiger Den as a coffee shop as well as a class. He shows a strong work ethic with little needed supervision. He also shows great pride in his job/class with listening to the other student’s positives and negative comments and addressing them to the proper channels trying to improve the students experience with the coffee shop.”


    Tac enjoys drawing, painting, computer coding, animating and managing computer servers. After high school, he plans to create computer games.


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