Local writer’s show to be performed in Casper

    (Riverton, WY) – A final reading of The Retail Song Cycle by Riverton resident Cameron Michael Fehring will occur at The Lyric, 230 W Yellowstone Hwy., in Casper January 11-14.

    This will be the fifth and final staged reading of the show, which originally debuted in New York City in June 2017. Since then, readings have happened in Wyoming and Montana.

    Fehring, who was born and raised in Fremont County, is excited to bring the reading back to his home state.


    “I am constantly impressed by the amount of talent here. Since the aspirations for the show are large, however, it will be living in community theatres and being seen by people all over the world. It’s incredibly helpful to bring it to a place that is not necessarily known for theatre but is incredibly capable of making good theatre.”

    The Retail Song Cycle is a project that combines documentary techniques and musical theatre storytelling by using verbatim customer interactions and actual events to describe Fehring’s life-changing first year in big retail.

    “The reading process has been incredibly helpful in clarifying and making the story understandable and clear and a funny thing of theatre,” he said. “The reason that’s important is because all of these things actually happened. All of the characters are based on real people, sometimes combinations, but real people. All of the customer interactions are real, and every event that is portrayed in the show actually happened. So, the genesis of this project was taking those events and turning them into a magical evening of theatre that would make you laugh and hopefully question some of your own behaviors.”

    The reading has 12 actors play 72 characters in this inside look at privilege, retail practices, and the effects it has on the human soul. 


    While the show features Casper actors, Abigail Larsen, a former Fremont County resident, will be in it.

    Fehring is co-producing the staged reading with Casper-based Opera Wyoming, which has a “mission to enhance the cultural landscape of Wyoming.”

    Once the final reading is complete, he will then go through and do re-writes, editing, etc…and move on to the full show.


    His goal is to world premiere the full show here in Fremont County.

    “It will honestly depend on all kinds of factors. The goal is to world premiere it here and to invite people from all over the country to come to see it.”

    You can learn more about the upcoming staged reading here, and if you are interested in helping Fehring produce the reading, click here.


    Editor’s Note: Cameron Michael Fehring is married to County 10’s Amanda Fehring.


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