Lander Volunteer Fire Department is looking for volunteers

    (Lander, WY) – The majority, if not all, of Fremont County’s fire departments are in need of volunteers right now to bolster their rosters and in some cases make sure they can show up in your time of need.

    “Like all kinds of volunteer organizations, everybody in the country is struggling with volunteers and it’s not just a local thing,” said Nick Hudson, head of the Lander Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD) recruitment committee.

    The LVFD, which generally responds to calls within city limits but does help other agencies in need, currently has 31 volunteers with a roster that can hold 45. Their need is not only to spread the work across the many, but they have several volunteers who may be ready to retire.


    “Everybody has jobs, everybody has families, everybody has other stuff and are busier now than we’ve ever been in our entire lives,” said Hudson. “So that’s why you need to have more people on the rosters that way, no matter when the call comes in, you have people that can answer.”

    The Lander Volunteer Fire Department website outlines the requirements to become a volunteer with the city department.

    A few requirements include being 18+ and having a valid driver’s license as well as living within 2 miles of the city limits. It’s important to note that there are no out-of-pocket expenses for volunteers, just their time – all equipment and training are paid for by the department.

    One of the concerns that is commonly expressed about becoming a volunteer firefighter is having kids, according to LVFD Chief Bobby Johnston.


    “It’s a family-driven organization we love when kids come down to take part, not as much as they used to now they’re getting older, they still take part with stuff. We try to keep the family included.”

    He also noted that what you see on TV in regard to being a firefighter isn’t accurate and to not let that deter you from becoming one.

    Both Hudson and Johnson have each dedicated over two decades to the LVFD.


    Nick Hudson has served 22 years as a firefighter for the LVFD:

    “I wanted to be a fireman ever since I was a little kid, like most people,” Hudson shared. “When you’re in the State of Wyoming and 85 to 90% of the volunteer fire services are volunteer, you don’t really have much of a choice. So, obviously, you have your regular career, and you kind of make this your passion. When you see people when you’re growing up they give up a lot of their time to help their community you kind of feel like you need to pay it forward too; make sure to do your part also. We’re born and raised to look out for each other, right, and take care of your neighbor this is the perfect way to do it.”

    Bobby Johnston has served 23 years as a firefighter for the LVFD:


    “I’m in the same boat. What kid didn’t want to be a firefighter? But we had the principal of the school I went to, Northside School, he was actually a member of the fire department, Mr. Donahue. One day we had an assembly, he brought down the old ladder truck, and because I was one of the bigger kids in the class; I think I was in third grade at the time. He said, ‘put on all the gear,’ so I put on all the gear and air pack, and at that point, I was sold. Where do I sign?

    “I’ve always been one to help others whether it’s firefighting or just being a good community member.”

    They encourage anyone who is interested in giving them a call and ask questions. If you see somebody on the street, whether they have a placard on their vehicle or they wear an LVFD t-shirt, just start asking them some questions.

    “You can show up to a meeting or training if you’re interested and even before you want to fill out an application, you can hang out, you can see what it’s about,” Nick said.

    Their meetings are on the first and third Thursdays of the month and start at 6:30 pm. You can call (307) 332-2209 and leave a message and they will get back to you. You can also send a message through the website’s contact page.

    ICYMI: The Lander Rural Fire Department is in desperate need of volunteers. Click here to read our earlier post.


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