Lander Pet Connection, Pet of the Week – Meet Figgy!

    Meet Figgy, our delightful Pet of the Week! This young medium sized  mixed breed has faced challenges, but her resilient spirit is ready to blossom in a loving home. Figgy, our longest resident, has experienced the warmth of a couple of amazing Foster homes. Despite initial shyness, she’s a smart and eager companion, yearning to connect with her forever family.

    Growing up in the shelter system, Figgy hasn’t seen much beyond its walls, making the outside world a bit daunting for her. A heartwarming aspect of Figgy’s story is her love for play and adoration for snow. She thrives when surrounded by canine friends, making her the perfect companion for an adult male dog who can show her the ropes and boost her confidence.

    Figgy has already embraced essential house manners and responds exceptionally well to positive, consistent training. She’s a true homebody, seeking the comfort of a stable, quiet environment. Cuddling is her forte, and she longs for a family willing to invest the time to let her adjust and build trust.


    Now is the time to make Figgy’s dreams come true. Reach out today and open your heart to this sweet girl, providing her with the forever home she so richly deserves. Together, let’s make Figgy’s world brighter and full of love.


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