Lander Pet Connection, Pet of the Week – Meet Cusco!

    Introducing Cusco, a vibrant 5-year-old, neutered male mixed breed. If you’re looking for a great family dog who already has the skills to be an easy addition to your home, look no further. This charismatic companion is a great catch!

    Cusco’s personality is a delightful fusion of playful energy and unwavering affection. Whether engaging in a spirited game of fetch with a ball, frisbee, or even a snowball, his enthusiasm radiates through every activity.

    A true social butterfly, Cusco revels in the company of people, children, and furry or feathery friends alike. Successfully forming bonds with dogs, most cats, and even chickens, his friendly nature and gentle demeanor make him an ideal companion for any household.


    For those who relish outdoor adventures, Cusco is the perfect match. He adores walks, runs, and cross-country skiing. He’s an excellent partner for those who love exploring the great outdoors.

    In excellent health, Cusco only faces a minor eye issue easily managed with a simple eye drop routine. His resilience and positive spirit shine through, proving that he’s ready to face any challenge. Neutered and up-to-date on all shots, Cusco is low maintenance.

    Cusco’s journey began as a rescue puppy and now this delightful canine, named after the ancient capital of Peru, is prepared to embark on a new adventure with a forever family.

    More than just a playmate, Cusco is a well-behaved companion. He’s familiar with basic commands anf his manners are impeccable. One of his endearing qualities is the way he crosses his front legs like a  gentleman.


    Cusco thrives as an indoor dog and is crate trained. He flourishes in an environment with ample outdoor space and, most importantly, a loving family. With an open heart, he’s ready to join a family that appreciates his zest for life and playful spirit.

    If you’re prepared to welcome a furry adventurer into your family, Cusco is eagerly waiting to meet you.

    Cusco is not currently at the shelter so please reach out to meet this amazing dog! We’d love to help introduce you! 330-5200 



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