Lander City Council tables park rules resolutions; work session planned

    The Lander City Council decided to hold off on setting rules for local parks this week, expressing a desire to discuss the topic further at an upcoming work session.

    The council’s agenda for Tuesday included three resolutions setting rules for City Park; McManus Park; and North, Dillon, Goodrich and Centennial parks.

    But when the council started proposing multiple amendments to the first resolution, Councilmember Julia Stuble suggested the topic might “deserve a good work session” that would “give members of the public more time” to weigh in on the details.


    For example, Stuble said she wanted to spend more time talking about the portion of the proposed City Park rules that prohibits “excessively loud music – defined as music at a level that annoys the other park users and park neighbors.”

    That language is subjective, Stuble said, pointing out that some park users might find any level of music annoying.

    Councilmember Missy White had questions about the portion of the proposed rules for City Park that lists the types of vehicles that must “adhere to all regulations governing motor vehicles,” including electric bicycles, scooters and mopeds.

    “I would also include the motorized skateboards,” White said. “Those can hit 25 mph (and are) gaining in popularity.”


    She also noted that the proposed rules for City Park say “no motor vehicles are allowed or permitted off designated improved roadways” – but it is common practice for people to drive their vehicles off-road to set up equipment for local concerts and other events in the area.

    “Maybe there needs to be some clarity about … when that’s allowed,” White said.

    City Park proposals

    The rules that were proposed for City Park in this week’s resolution require “all persons” to leave the property by 11 p.m. unless they are participating in city-organized activities, need to access a private residences on the City Park access road, or are participating in approved overnight camping activities.


    Those overnight camping activities are only allowed in areas “expressly designated and marked for that purpose,” the resolution states, and “no camping is allowed in the north of the park near the playground equipment.”

    In addition, the resolution says “overnight campers are limited to staying no more than three consecutive nights (or) no longer than a period of 72 consecutive hours in a 30 consecutive-day period,” and “tents must be picked up daily by 9 a.m. to allow for mowing and watering.”

    No fees were proposed for people camping at City Park, but the resolution notes that “donations will be accepted as posted.”


    For more information, call the City of Lander at 332-2870.


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