Lander City Council adopts Strategic Plan priorities

    The Lander City Council has been working on its strategic plan during work sessions held in February and March. During their April 11, 2023, regular session meeting, they voted to formally adopt a priority list. This priority list will serve a variety of purposes such as helping the public understand Council priorities, helping staff dedicate time to priority projects, and serving as a support document for grant applications related to topics on the priority list.

    Council prioritized 16 topics into three categories. The first priority category contains seven areas of focus, not listed in any particular order. Implementation of the water master plan is important. A draft presentation of the Lander Water Master Plan was presented on March 21 and highlighted the need for major improvements over the next 20 years to our water system both in town and within our region. The draft plan presentation and recording are on the City website. Safe routes to school are also an important topic as evidenced by our ongoing Gannett Peak Elementary sidewalk project and Baldwin Creek/South 9th Street safe routes for non-drivers project. Code enforcement was another major discussion topic and Council will be encouraging cooperation and compliance. Building maintenance, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, and energy efficiency are important to ensure the longevity, usability, and efficiency of city-owned facilities. The Table Mountain Living Community assisted living and memory care facility is a large project that recently received grant funds through ARPA. The Council continues to support this project and will see it through to construction completion. The City-owned facility will have 40 beds and be located on Bishop Randall Drive past the hospital. Flood mitigation and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) mapping are topics the Council is continuing to explore. The Section 205 Flood Mitigation Plan is expected to be completed by the Corps of Engineers in 2024, in which at that point in time, the Council will need to make a decision on if they would like to proceed with the project. Researching attainable housing options and exploring options is important to the Council.

    Secondary priorities are maintenance funds for the Lander Senior Center and partnering with Lander Economic Development Association (LEDA) on economic development opportunities. The Lander Senior Center was built in 1996 and the maintenance fund that was provided for in the original ballot has continued to diminish. A plan needs to be in place to ensure this resource continues to be available to the community.

    There are seven projects listed in the third and final priority list. Projects include funding air service in our region to ensure connectivity in and out of our county. Recreation programming is also vital to a healthy community. Ambulance service within our community is an important topic to ensure healthcare needs for our residents and needs to be part of a bigger conversation with the County. The City acquired two pieces of property in 2022 to expand our park system for future generations. The Popo Agie River Park is located north of Poor Farm Road and a piece of property located west of City Park will allow for expansions of outdoor recreation opportunities in our community. A planning study will be taking place this year so the City and residents can work together to determine how these new park spaces should be developed. Land acquisition for economic development is a priority of the Council. Future opportunities should be explored for the continued viability of our community. Council has been working with the Energy and Environment Task Force and is considering adopting a greenhouse gas goal. The task force has provided the Council with a detailed report that will be helpful in decision-making. Fiber Interconnectivity installation between City facilities will make sure that we are ready for future technologies and projects.

    If you have questions about these priorities, we encourage you to reach out to your Council member or City Hall for further discussion.

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