From struggle to strength: How National Recovery Month events leverage Sources of Strength

    National Recovery Month, established in 1989, is an annual nationwide commemoration occurring each September. Its purpose is to advocate for and bolster innovative, evidence-based treatment and recovery methods, as well as celebrate the resilience and unity of our nation’s vibrant recovery community. It also acknowledges the unwavering commitment of service providers and communities in enabling various pathways to recovery.

    White Buffalo is celebrating National Recovery Month with two spectacular events.

    Recovery Softball Tournament
    September 8th, 9th, & 10th
    Blue Sky Field, Ethete, Wy.

    Sobriety Ball
    Sept. 23rd @ 7 PM
    Fremont Center, Fremont County Fairgrounds
    $15 per person, $25 per couple

    Come join us in celebrating sobriety in our community and support Recovery Programming. All proceeds will go to the Transitional House & Sober Living. If you are interested in sponsoring tickets for active clients, please call 307-856-8090.

    Never forget that you are not alone. Both of these events show that community and loved ones are there to support you on your journey. What other sources of strength do you have available to you to aid in recovery?

    Utilizing the principles and resources offered by Sources of Strength is an invaluable asset in the journey of recovery. This evidence-based program, rooted in promoting mental health and resilience, empowers individuals to tap into their inner wellsprings of strength. By fostering connections with trusted friends, mentors, and supportive communities, Sources of Strength provides a lifeline of hope and encouragement. It reminds us that in times of adversity, our sources of strength—such as positive relationships, coping strategies, and a sense of purpose—can guide us toward healing and well-being. As we navigate the path to recovery, these sources become the pillars upon which we build resilience and forge a brighter future.

    Evidence-based prevention programs like Fremont County Prevention create a sense of belonging, connection and community among youth, and recovery support services do the same for people of all ages in recovery.

    For local and national resources, click here.

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