Fremont County General Election results certified Thursday

Today, November 5th starting at 1:00 pm the Fremont County Canvass Board convened at the Courthouse to certify the local results for the 2020 General Election.

“This process makes the unofficial votes official,” said Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese.

Certifying the results included local Democratic Party representative Mary Haper and local Republican Party representative Helen Higby.


To certify the results, the local Canvass Board goes through each seat – County Commission and below – on the ballot and declares the winner.

County 10 reported on November 4th that a new voter turnout record had been set at this General Election with a total of 18,234 voters.

There were two “material errors” reported during the canvassing today. They happened at the Arapahoe and Dubois vote centers. This means a voter was counted at the center but decided to not put their ballot in the machine, according to Freese. There was also a blank ballot submitted at a center.

Freese said, “Did it change the outcome with any of our races? No, it did not. This happens from time to time.”

Below are the official results with links to our previous posts released on November 3rd where you can see the numbers.


Fremont County Commissioners: District 2 – Larry Allen (R), District 5 – Jennifer McCarty (R)

Dubois Town Council: David Bennett, Rick Lee

Hudson Town Council: Brady Hamilton, Archie Hanson

Lander City Council: Ward 1 – Dan Hahn, Ward 2 – Julia Stuble, Ward 3 – Melinda Cox

Pavillion Mayoral & Town Council: Mayor – Chuck Snyder, Councilmembers – Matt Pattison, Mykah Trujillo, Sheila Johnson (2-year)

Riverton City Council: Ward 1 – Cory Rota, Ward 2 – Kristy Salisbury, Ward 3 – Lindsey Cox

Shoshoni Town Council: Mike Dimick, Bob Zent, Ron Ankeny (2-year)

School Boards, CWC

CWC: District 1 – Ernie Over, District 2 – Nicole Schoening, District 3 – Carlton Underwood, District 4 – Shana Tarter

FCSD #1 (Lander): FCSD 1 – Kathy Hitt, Scott Jensen, Taylor Jacobs

FCSD #2 (Dubois): Jerry Falco, James “Junior” Hinkle, Janean Sellers, Laurie Yaracz (2-year)

FCSD #6 (Wind River): Richard Denke, Patty Jo Stoll-Baker, Kelly Thoman, Angela McCann

FCSD #14 (Wyoming Indian): Rich Singer, Emery’l Lebeau, Nathan Friday Sr.

FCSD #21 (Fort Washakie): Bonnie Washakie, Kay Ferris, Wayland Large

FCSD #24 (Shoshoni): Emily Jarvis, JJ Pingetzer, Amanda Slack

FCSD #25 (Riverton): Lynette Jeffres, Brett Watson, Bruce Berg, Carl Manning

FCSD #38 (Arapahoe): Theodore Bell Sr., Pat Moss, Leslie Spoonhunter

Cemetery Directors


  • Lynn Stewart
  • Hugh Livingston
  • Stephen Banks

Mountain View:

  • Michael Gard
  • Dennis Tippets
  • Mike Martin


  • Shirley Johnson
  • Cheryl Hood
  • Melinda McKee

Conservation Districts

Dubois/Crowheart Rural Supervisors:

  • Reg Phillips
  • Todd Hirsch

Lower Wind River Supervisors:

  • Rod Rivers
  • Richard Denke

Popo Agie Supervisors:

  • Arlan Lancaster (Urban)
  • Brandon Reynolds (At-large)

Fire Districts


  • Larry Wilke (Sub 1)
  • Joel Jensen (Sub 2)
  • Reg Phillips (Sub 4)

Fremont County Director:

  • James Downing

Jeffrey City Director:

  • Rex Kelson
  • Thaddeus Dockery (write-ins)

Shoshoni Senior Citizens District: Hazel Schaefer, Ken Cundall, Mary Lou Fullerton, Kathy McCoy, Joan Geis

Candidates for House District and above are determined by the Wyoming State Canvass Board – currently scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th. County 10 will continue to share the latest on local and statewide election updates.

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