Feature: Drew Powell takes the reins of the Lady Tigers basketball program

    (Lander, WY) – The Lander Valley High School Lady Tigers basketball program has welcomed Drew Powell, who was named the team’s head coach in May. He becomes the third head coach in three seasons for the Lady Tigers.

    “I’m looking forward to the challenge!” he said.

    Powell has been a part of Lander basketball, just not on the girl’s side. He has spent the last four seasons as a part of Stu Mullins’s staff for the boy’s program, including two years coaching the freshman team and two seasons as the junior varsity coach.


    “I got introduced that way to coaching, but he drug me along to it, but I have found how much I enjoy it and want to continue to do it,” he said.

    Powell is taking many things he learned over the last four years and bringing them over to the girl’s program.

    “He (Stu) was a great leader and showed me that through the four years I have been there and the style of the game and how much it can change from year to year and prepare for all of that,” Powell said.

    He already has connections built with some of the players.


    “I have pretty good relationships with the girls, but it comes down to building those relationships with the girls,” Powell said.

    He does have things already going in the offseason, including a camp in Green River where they did play some teams.

    “We went 2-1 just letting the girls go out there and play,” Powell said.


    He also does open gyms, which saw great numbers even with a busy summer of fall sports offseason programs.

    “We had great numbers from open gym to start the year. They are all coming in and working hard, and that’s what is going to propel them to getting better is coming in and giving it a great effort!”

    You can listen to the full interview below!


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