FCAG encourages Fremont County to submit input for a world-class state shooting complex, deadline is September 15

    (Fremont County, WY) With pronounced support from the Fremont County Association of Governments, FCAG mayors have been moving forward and active with their own local task force, encouraging citizens to provide input for a world-class state shooting complex.

    With SF0169 passing in March, Wyoming’s State Shooting Complex Oversight Task Force is to select a (county) location for the complex and then make recommendations as to its location, structure, and development. They are then required to report their activities and findings to the governor, the Joint Appropriations Committee, and the Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Interim Committee. Up to $10 million is allocated to the project.

    The task force created a survey for the public to provide input and comments on what they would like to see in a world-class shooting complex. To take the survey, visit: FCAG encourages everyone to submit their input before the Friday, September 15 deadline.


    The survey asks about any shooting background/qualifications and top shooting sports or shooting facilities…as well as non-shooting amenities…that one would expect to find in a world-class shooting complex. The survey also welcomes additional comments or suggestions for the state task force.

    The vision is for a complete destination-type facility with potential for the tourism industry and shooting sports in the state of Wyoming. Senator Larry Hicks, co-sponsor of SF0169, said that the task force has a “heavy lift” as they seek final recommendations.

    “There’s a lot of enthusiasm around the state to do this, and there are some tremendous opportunities here,” Senator Hicks said at the first task force meeting on July 14. “With the interest that we have from the state and the support from the legislature, with the agencies from across the state with the private sector or even those local governments, we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

    “This should be world-class,” the senator continued. “Do not cut ourselves short, or sell ourselves short. When we look at these other facilities that are around the nation, what can we do just one or two notches better than any place else in the United States? …if this task force comes back with very strong recommendations, I think we can build something that is the envy of the world.”


    Riverton is to host the next state Shooting Complex Oversight Task Force meeting on Wednesday,  September 27 at 8:30 a.m., with the location TBA.

    At the last FCAG meeting on August 24, Mayor Joel Highsmith led a discussion among the mayors as to the assets, advantages, and amenities that Fremont County has to offer in accommodating a shooting complex of world-class caliber and encourages the public and shooting sports organizations to weigh in on the project, stressing the importance of public interest and outreach.

    Local members who sit on the state task force include Representative Pepper Ottman, Judy Legerski, CEO of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and Cade Maestas, COO of Maven Optics.


    Sitting in on Fremont County’s local task force are Mayor Highsmith, Commissioner Ron Fabrizius, Hudson Mayor Sherri Oler, Eli Bebout, Jason Wilson of Lucid Optics; Helen Wilson, Wind River Visitors Council; Mollie Sheridan of Maven Outdoor Equipment Company; and Gary Michaud, FCAG/WRTA.

    Several components would make a state shooting complex in Fremont County attractive to shooters.

    “Our weather is pretty temperate,” said Jason Wilson of Lucid Optics. “With that being said, it’s really inviting to shoot. You can ask a mid-range to long-range shooter about what their ideal environments are…an outdoor range of 600-1000 yards, plus 65-80 degree weather, 3-5 mile-an-hour wind that’s somewhat predictable…covered shooting benches. Then they’d go into ‘I’d like it to be over 4500 elevation. I’d like there to be less than 20 percent humidity because that air density matters...’ So when you start really putting enough together? That’s us.”


    Regarding the meeting in Riverton on September 27, the mayors hope that Fremont County will come out in full support.

    “I think that one of the most important things we can do as FCAG is to have a presence,” said Mayor Tim Hancock. “Having a presence from anyone in the community that’s interested…councilmembers, commissioners…we can do that.”

    “If you know people who are interested, that want to get involved, have them give me a ring,” said Gary Michaud. “If you have friends or relatives that are really involved in shooting… we’re really going to grow this. It’s just a really fun project that’s going to be great for the state of Wyoming.”

    For more information about Fremont County’s state shooting complex task force and FCAG’s participation, contact Michaud at 307-349-8830.


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