Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health facility now open

    (Fort Washakie, WY) – On Nov. 20, the Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health Department celebrated the Grand Opening of their new facility located at 15230 Hwy 287 in Fort Washakie. Community members joined ESTH staff in celebrating the many collaborations, funding sources, construction highlights and new features of the three structures that will now house all programs of ESTH. 

    ESTH Director Dave Meyers addressed those attending as did Shoshone Business Council Vice-chairman Mike Ute and Councilman Gus Thayer. A prayer was given by Arlen Shoyo. 

    Thayer touched on the subject of Thanksgiving and the traditional healing gatherings held way before the holiday was held by the Pilgrims, and still carried out out to this day.


    Ute commended the good work of those involved, the importance of working for one’s overall health and referred to the Zone as “the Dungeon” as it has been called. 

    Meyers boasted the impressive facility now available to tribal members and the Zone workout space- which is open for the entire community. 

    “It has now moved to a new better, nice location,” he said. “I’m really proud of what that turned into.”

    The Zone will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and be accessible with a key card. Anyone wishing to workout at the Zone or receive services from the various programs at ESTH are required to visit the office and complete a new application. 


    “COVID was the real reason this building was suppose to go up… it still is,” Meyers explained. 

    The lack of storage for vaccines and other supplies resulted in the search for a new facility. The need to address the aftereffects of COVID-19 was also a contributing factor. Meyers  credited former ESTH staff member Morning Ferris, for helping “dream up the place.” She envisioned office and classroom space, areas dedicated to storage, as well as an industrial kitchen that will help with diabetes prevention classes and other cooking workshops for community members. 

    The facility is also intended to assist with the emergency needs of the Shoshone Tribe. Meyers said the new facility will serve as an instant command site for the community in the case of disasters, including pandemics or other catastrophic scenarios. 


    “Hopefully we never have to go through that but to finally have the infrastructure set up for that- that’s awesome,” Meyers said. 

    There are a total of three structures on the new site. The third building has adequate open space for classes such as CPR, First Aid and NARCAN training. 

    “We’ll be able to make use of that space…Bingo nights could also be an option,” he added. “Everything we didn’t have before we have now on this site.”


    Whether it’s food related, storage, classes, office space, therapeutic, preventative or medical services it will all be in one convenient spot, Meyers explained. 

    He also highlighted the design and plan of a new track field that will have a soccer field in the center. The track’s main purpose is to provide a walking space for people who may also be concerned with the stray dog issue on the reservation. 

    Other ideas on the board include greenhouses, hydroponic gardens and a skate park. 

    The way the facility is set up allows ESTH to build upon for more projects and services, Meyers explained. 

    “I’m really excited you’re here to share this with us,” Meyers said. 

    Stop by the new location or call 307-332-6805.


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