Don Runner Tournament – Weather crunched to one day

    The arctic blast arriving in Fremont County lowered the team count to just a dozen schools at the annual Don Runner Memorial Wrestling Tournament at Pavillion this week. Originally scheduled for two days, the meet was consolidated into a Friday only competition.

    Wind River’s Isaac Gardner worked around Shoshoni’s Malachi Litz at 165 pound en route to a gold medal – h/t Jessica Schooner

    Named in honor of Wind River wrestler Don Runner who died tragically in a car accident just a few weeks after graduating in 1977, the tournament brings in teams from all three classifications from across the state when the road conditions and weather allows.

    Dubois senior Wyatt Trembly locked the arm of Lander’s Tres Pickerd in the 190 pound division – h/t Adria Trembly

    The host Wind River girls edged Thermopolis 64-62 for the team title, while Lovell edged Riverton 168.5 to 161 for the boys crown.


    Four boys and three girls were crowned champions at the event.

    Hayden Howard of Dubois battled Lander’s BIlly Velarde – h/t Adria Trembly

    Lander’s Coaltyn Laird won at 113 pounds, Riverton senior Talon Thoman was the 150 pound champion and Wind River’s Isaac Gardner won the 165 pound division.

    Aaliyah Martin won the 235 pound championship – h/t Adria Trembly

    Dubois senior Wyatt Trembly remained unbeaten on the season winning the 190 pound division.

    Hayden Howard of Dubois worked Wind Rivers Kage Ellis at 165 pounds – h/t Adria Trembly

    Shoshoni sophomore Brueklyn Truempler won a competitive 125 pound division, while teammate Lacoda Kiser took the 140 pound championship.

    Faye Hellyer of Wind River – h/t Jessica Schooner

    Aaliyah Martin won the 235 pound class.

    Aislynn Vroman won by technical fall over Hanna’s Samantha Tykla – h/t Jessica Schooner

    Don Runner Memorial Team Scores:

    1.Lovell 168.5, 2. Riverton 161, 3. Thermopolis 158.5, 4. Greybull/Riverside 121, 5. Lander Valley 113.5, 6. Wind River 84, 7. Saratoga 76, 8. Dubois 73, 9. Shoshoni 64, 10. Rocky Mountain 62, 11. Hanna Elk Mountain Medicine Bow 18.5, 12. Wyoming Indian 14


    Don Runner Memorial Individual Results:

    106: 1. Dino Delacruz, LOV, 2. Sammie Cyrus, DUB, 3. Ace Arnold, SAR, 4. Branson Thompson, SHO

                    First place match: Dino Delacruz, LOV over Sammie Cyrus, DUB TF 3:19 (18-1)


                    Third place match: Ace Arnold, SAR over Branson Thompson, SHO Dec 5-2

    113: 1. Coaltyn Laird, LAN, 2. Landon Rhyne, WR, 3. Josiah Stockwell, SAR, 4. Brody Shepard, SHO

                    First place match: Coaltyn Laird, LAN over Landon Rhyne, WR Fall 3:54

                    Third Place Match: Josiah Stockwell, SAR over Brody Shepard, SHO Dec 7-1

    120: 1. Cannon Boren, THM, 2. Henry Quiver, LAN

                    First place match: Cannon Boren, THM over Henry Quiver, LAN Fall 5:41

    126: 1. Bennett Sanford, GRE, 4. Demetrius Noriega, LAN

                    Third place match: Ethan Crow, THM over Demetrius Noreiga, LAN Fall :45

    132: 1. Tucker Carricato, SAR, 2. Landon Jones, LAN

                    First place match: 1. Tucker Carricato, SAR over Landon Jones, LAN MD 11-1

    138: 1. Loomis Alexander, GRE, 2. Aidan Ruby, WR, 4. Camron Horn, WR

                    First place match: 1. Loomis Alexander, GRE over Aidan Ruby, WR MD 12-4

                    Third place match: Jessen Basse, THM over Camron Horn, WR Fall 4:32

    144: 1. Will Ward, THM, 2. Jackson Larsen, RIV

                    First place match: Will Ward, THM over Jackson Larsen, RIV Fall 2:41

    150: 1. Talon Thoman, RIV, 3. Wiley Philleo, SHO

                    First place match: Talon Thoman, RIV over Caiden Sorenson, GRE Fall 4:28

                    Third place match: Wiley Philleo, SHO over Samuel Ramirez,HEM Fall 2:27

    157: 1. Samuel Skelton, THM, 2. Justin Newberry, RIV, 4. Travis Hurtado, RIV

                    First place match: Samuel Skelton, THM over Justin Newberry, RIV Fall 4:47

                    Third place match: Michael Harris, LOV over Travis Hurtado, RIV Fall 1:51

    165: 1. Isaac Gardner, WR, 3. Weston McLaughlin, RIV, 4. Billy Velarde, LAN

                    First place match: . Isaac Gardner, WR over Carson Asay, LOV Fall 1:06

                    Third place match: Weston McLaughlin, RIV, over Billy Velarde, LAN MD 12-2

    175: 1. Ty Strohschein, GRE, 3. Siler Hess, DUB, 4. Ayden Sanchez, RIV

                    Third place match: Siler Hess, DUB over Ayden Sanchez, RIV Fall 1:50

    190: 1. Wyatt Trembly, DUB, 2. Tres PIckerd, LAN, 4. Rudy Hall, LOV

                    First place match: Wyatt Trembly, DUB over Tres Pickerd, LAN Fall 1:11

                    Third place match: Daniel Clawson, RIV over Rudy Hall, LOV Dec 11-6

    215: 1. Kalell Gruell, LOV, 2. Ryan Watson, RIV

                    First place match: Kalell Gruell, LOV over Ryan Watson, RIV Fall 1:43

    285: 1. James Love, Lovell, 3. Zaryc Prosser, RIV

                    Third Place Match: Zaryc Prosser, RIV over Curtis Strohschein, GRE/RIV Dec 3-1

    Don Runner Memorial Girls Team Scores:

     1. Wind River 64, 2. Thermopolis 62, 3. Shoshoni 57, 4. Lander 50, 5. Greybull/Riverside 37, 6. Riverton 27, 7. Hanna Elk Mountain Medicine Bow 23, 8. Lovell 19, 9. Rocky Mountain 8, 10. Dubois 2

    Don Runner Memorial Girls Individual Results:

    110: 1. Alaina McNees, HEM, 2. Molly Bornhoft, WR, 3. Cora Remacle, WR, 4. Aislynn Vroman, WR

                    First place match: Alaina McNees, HEM over Molly Bornhoft, WR Dec 4-3

                    Third place match: Cora Remacle, WR over Aislynn Vroman, WR Fall 2:44

    120: 1. Lilly Quintanilla, THM, 2. Lily Hill, WR, 3. Addi Weston, LAN

                    First place match: Lilly Quintanilla, THM over Lily Hill, WR Fall 1:07

                    Third place match: 1. Addi Weston, LAN over Emmilee Wambeke, RM Fall 4:09

    125: 1. Brueklyn Truempler, SHO, 2. Jordan Nielsen, LAN, 3. Payton Scherf, RIV, 4. Olivia Remacle, WR

                    First place match:  Brueklyn Truempler, SHO over Jordan Nielsen, LAN Dec 5-4

                    Third place match: Payton Scherf, RIV over Olivia Remacle, WR Fall 1:17

    130: 1. Tawny Bertolini, GRE/RIV, 3. Victoria Hatch, RIV, 4. Elizabeth Barrett, WR

                    Third place match: Victoria Hatch, RIV over Elizabeth, Barrett, WR Fall :17

    140: 1. Lacoda Kiser, SHO, 2. Maggie Jensen, WR

                    First place match: Lacoda Kiser, SHO over Maggie Jensen, WR Fall 2:39

    155: 1. Alix Sorensen, THM 2. Teagen Pickerd, LAN, 3. Abriana Kiser, SHO

                    First place match: Alix Sorensen, THM over Teagen Pickerd, LAN Dec 8-2

                    Third place match: Abriana Kiser, SHO over Maecie Joy, LOV Fall 2:38

    235: 1. Aaliyah Martin, DUB

                    First place match: Aaliyah Martin, DUB over Kaitlin Barral, THM Dec 7-1


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