County 10 Law Enforcement Log: Riverton Police Department – August 31

    All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

    Below are the most recent arrests and call blotters from publicly available reports provided directly by the Riverton Police Department.

    The County 10 Law Enforcement Log is now separated by reporting agency (Lander Police Department, Riverton Police Department and Fremont County Sheriff’s Office), and includes arrests, citations and other notable calls.


    Questions or comments about the reports should be addressed with the appropriate agency.

    Charges are subject to change following official filing from the Fremont County Attorney’s Office.

    Social media comments have been disabled for all Law Enforcement Log posts.

    “No Arrests Reported” indicates a media report was issued for the specific law agency, but no arrests occurred.


    “No Arrest Report Available” indicates that the law agency did not issue a media report that day.

    Common Arrest Report abbreviations: FCSO – Fremont County Sheriff’s Office; RPD – Riverton Police Department; LPD – Lander Police Department; DUI – Driving Under the Influence; DWUI – Driving While Under the Influence; MIP – Minor in Possession; MUI – Minor Under the Influence; D(W)US – Driving (While) Under Suspension; REDDI – Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately; RP – Reporting Party, UTL – Unable To Locate

    Riverton Police Department Arrests:

    • Griebel, Michael, 52, Kinnear, County Warrant, No Further Narrative Available
    • Little, Nathan, 24, Riverton, DWUI, Available Narrative: RP advised that Little was in the business and was refused service because he was too intoxicated; “Officers located his vehicle a short time later and clocked it doing 52 mph while east bound in the 200 block of west Main which is a 30 mph zone. When stopped the driver displayed signs of intoxication and failed field sobriety tests.”
    • Duran, Forest, 21, Riverton, Public Intoxication, Available Narrative: Duran entered a business and fell asleep; later recorded a BAC of .179
    • Willow, Cole, 25, Ethete, DWUI, Eluding Interference, Available Narrative: “Willow was the driver of a vehicle which was observed stopped facing the wrong way in the 100 block of North 6th East street. When the officer tried to make contact he drove away and refused to stop until he reached Adams and South Federal Blvd. Willow refused to identify himself or perform field sobriety tests but did display obvious signs of intoxication.”
    • Burningbreast, Jameka, 24, Riverton, Public Intoxication, Available Narrative: Burningbreast was in the vehicle with Cole Willow mentioned above; later recorded a BAC of .182

    Riverton Police Department Citations and Other Notable Calls:

    • Loitering: N 3 Street East, 7:03 AM, Available Narrative: RP advised a male was sleeping in the lobby that did not reside there; subject was gone on arrival
    • Fight: E Sunset Drive, 7:07 AM, Available Narrative: Ticket made per SRO request; report pending
    • Traffic Offense: N 16 Street East, 11:13 AM, Available Narrative: RPD advised of two vehicle drive-bys while picking up children; the two vehicles were contacted, but no furhter information was given
    • Fraud: Yvonne Drive, 11:25 AM, Available Narrative: RPD advised they gave deposit for puppies with logged documentation; report pending
    • Theft: N 6 Street East, 11:57 AM, Available Narrative: A 2013 green Toyota Highlander was taken from where it was parked in front of a residence; vehicle entered into NCIC
    • Loitering: Forest Drive, 12:15 PM, Available Narrative: RP asked officers to move along a group of individuals drinking in back of the building
    • Citizen Assist: W Park Ave., 2:34 PM, Available Narrative: RPD advised that two subjects were panhandling and harrassing; subjects were moved along
    • Trespassing: N Broadway Ave., 3:51 PM, Available Narrative: RP advised someone was squatting and setting up camp; report pending
    • Suspicious Person/Circumstance: S Broadway Ave., 4:19 PM, Available Narrative: RP advised a male subject banged their head on the window of a business then proceeded to punch cars; UTL subject; no damage reported
    • Trespassing: W Main Street, 6:27 PM, Available Narrative: RP advised a shoplifter left a store with a carload of detergent; the male was trespassed from the store
    • Trespassing: W Park Ave., 7:22 PM, Available Narrative: RP stated a female subject was on his doorstep and that they didn’t know who she was; subject was moved along

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