Commissioners pass resolution allowing off-road vehicles on county roads with ORV sticker

    (Fremont County, WY) – The Commissioners passed resolution 2022-08 on Tuesday, March 22nd with a vote of 3-2. Though the resolution has passed, it has not gone into effect yet.

    The resolution states: “all duly established county roads on the list of county roads kept in the Fremont County Transportation Department are hereby opened to off-road vehicle use upon designation of those roads as off-road recreational vehicle trails by the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources.”

    Once the enrollment is complete with the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources, this will allow off-road vehicles to be driven on Fremont County roads with only an ORV sticker.


    This does not include driving within city limits or on highways. Off-road vehicles are still required to have all street-legal equipment, liability insurance, and licensed operators.

    Part of the reason behind making this resolution is to simplify the process for visitors.

    “Many states out there do not allow off-road vehicles to be registered within their states,” shared Forrest Kamminga, Wyoming State Trails Program Manager. “So when nonresident users come into Wyoming to recreate they do not have the proper registration to travel these roadways. So, this is kind of a way for us to simplify their ability to travel these routes that we’ve incorporated.”

    Nonresidents would be required to purchase the $15 Wyoming ORV sticker.


    Fremont County Sheriff Ryan Lee shared he supports this 100 percent. Fremont County Transportation Department Director Billy Meeks also has no issues with this resolution.

    Voting in favor of the resolution was Councilmembers Mike Jones, Clarence Thomas and Chairman Travis Becker.

    Councilmembers Larry Allen and Jennifer McCarty had concerns that Fremont County was too large and that we should start with a smaller portion. They voted nay.


    Becker reiterated that this resolution only pertains to Fremont County roadways. He also hopes this encourages visitors to spend an extra night or two.

    Chief Civil Deputy Attorney Jodi Darrough reminded the public that this has not gone into effect yet. A “by summer” timeline was noted by Kammiga by the time paperwork was in order.

    Conversations with local municipalities such as Lander are next on the docket for Kammiga, he shared.


    The Town of Dubois already participates in the program.


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