SPRING in to Gamble’s and crack one open!

    Hey Fremont County! It’s me, Shane from Gambles. Spring is in the air, my friends! The warmer weather feels eggs-ellent!

    Yes, it’s going to be one of those posts…. I’m just feeling egg-stremely happy about Spring and the Easter Season!

    Careful with all this beautiful weather though, because if you’re an egg you might get…. “hard-boiled” in the warm sun!!! BAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Sorry I CRACKED myself up………. Okay. Where were we?

    It’s the Crack an Egg Sale at Gamble’s! Our annual Spring sale is no YOLK my friends, so take it OVER-EASY and don’t get too EGG-CITED….. Okay, I’m dying writing this thing.

    We’re having a sale. You should come. There, I got a line in without a pun. You’re welcome!

    All through March, stop into Gamble’s and find the perfect piece of living room, dining room, or bedroom furniture, then at checkout select your egg. Crack it open and inside you’ll find savings of 5% to 25%!

    It’s the Crack an Egg Sale at Gamble’s! Big savings on the best brands in the business like
    Flexsteel, Southern Motion, La-z-boy and a lot more.

    And if you have trouble cracking the eggs to get your discount, just use a dad joke – they’re really HARD to listen to….. Ha!

    Happy Spring, Fremont County! Stop in and see us to crack up at all our yolks and save some money this month!

    Gambles on Main Street in Lander – remember delivery is always FREE within 30 miles of the store….which INCLUDES Riverton!

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