Casper artist plans to turn obsolete wind turbine blades into monumental sculptures

National award-winning sculptor Chris Navarro from Casper recently read an article about the problem of disposing of obsolete wind turbine blades into his hometown’s landfill. He was taken back not only by the scope and size of the problem but by the image of a large bulldozer burying the blades, covering them with dirt never to be seen again.

“Seeing these large blades being buried in the landfill caused my artist mind to kick into gear and find a way to repurpose these obsolete blades. I wanted to turn them from unwanted garbage into a beautiful piece of art.” – Chris Navarro

Obsolete wind turbine blades extremely difficult to recycle at the present time. Thousands of tons of rotor blade waste materials are expected to arrive at waste reception centers in 2020. Researchers are currently trying to find ways to keep 1000’s of tons of blades out of the landfills.


Currently, Navarro has created four sculpture designs with wind turbine blades which can be viewed here.

“It is my belief that repurposing obsolete wind turbine blades and saving them from landfills and turning them into beautiful works of art. Not only has the potential of being a great outcome for the companies trying to dispose of the blades but as a beacon of inspiration to others. This inspirational art concept will be like a single drop of water into the pond of the earth causing ripples that will radiate out across this country because It takes only one person, one moment, one idea, to start a ripple of change that creates a difference in this world.’’ – Chris Navarro

Check out the video Navarro created below about the project.


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