Bat podcast with Wyoming Game and Fish and the County 10 Morning Show

(Fremont County, WY) – This podcast features Rene Schell, Laura Beard (bat biologist) and Dr. Gee. Wyoming Game and Fish has information as to why we are seeing more bats this time of year and how we can understand their habits more. Many people have a fear of bats, and Laura relays the importance of bats in Wyoming and more on the species. Then we have the wilderness medicine side with Dr. Gee. He will discuss what to do if you receive a bite, or the process that comes with an encounter with a bat.

We had an unofficial mascot of the bat biology department for Wyoming Game and Fish join the podcast, meet Rowan the bat dog. Laura Beard is passionate about studying bats and informing the community on how to stay safe and live with bats. Wyoming Game and Fish has a vast area of expertise and it was great having Laura on the show. If you ever have any questions on bats, come in contact with one or find a roost or colony please contact Wyoming Game and Fish.

Rowan the bat dog, with Laura Beard, Dr. Gee and Rene Schell
Rowan the bat dog!

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