Airman 1st Class, LVHS graduate Jack Pasquinelli visited Arapahoe schools to talk about life in the Air Force

    (Arapahoe, WY) – Students at Arapahoe schools were in for a treat last week, as recent Lander Valley High School (LVHS) graduate and now Airman 1st Class in the United States Air Force Jack Pasquinelli stopped by to speak to a few classes.

    Pasquinelli, who graduated from LVHS last spring in 2023, spoke at the high school and also got to visit his little brother Kai’s class at the elementary school.

    Pasquinelli told County 10 that he highlighted what life has been like in the Air Force since he enlisted back in April, and said one of the main points he stressed to students was that “the Air Force doesn’t impede on your personal life, just as long as you get your tasks finished.”


    Pasquinelli went on to say that originally he wanted to attend pilot school in Casper, but ultimately decided on the Air Force “as a way to learn the ins and outs of airplanes.”

    Pasquinelli shared some great advice for a student who asked how he was able to get through boot camp, telling them, “Don’t be upset when you fail a task because they do it on purpose to see if you can redo it, and also learn from how you failed the first time.”

    “One thing I have to say to people enlisting is to have fun when you are in the Air Force because it will make it so much easier,” Pasquinelli added.

    Jack’s mom Heather, an educator at Arapahoe schools, told County 10 that she and her family are “very proud of Jack and his choice to serve our country,” but having him away for so long “is not something we are used to so it has taken some adjusting.”


    The Pasquinelli family was “thrilled” to have Jack home for the Thanksgiving holiday though, and they are already planning to visit him in Florida this summer.

    As for what’s next for Pasquinelli, he shared that he will likely go to pilot school to become a commercial pilot after he finishes his contract.

    Good luck, and thank you for your service, Jack!


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