‘A very good addition’: Riverton City Council approves restaurant liquor license for El Vaquero Mexican Bar, Grill

    The Riverton City Council approved a restaurant liquor license last week for El Vaquero Mexican Bar and Grill.

    The new restaurant will be located at 116 N. Sixth Street – formerly the home of Wyoming Smokehouse.


    The owners of El Vaquero – brothers Luis Arturo and Juan Pablo Guerrero Urista – also run the Los Cabos restaurant in Thermopolis, local realtor George Piplica told the council, and they have “interest” in other establishments in New York and Seattle.


    “So (this is) not their first one,” Piplica said. “They’ve definitely got the experience behind them, (and) we’re excited to have them here.”

    Councilmember Kyle Larson agreed that the new business represents “a very good addition to Riverton,” and Councilmember Mike Bailey said “there’s definitely a need for more restaurants” in town.

    El Vaquero is expected to open in mid-October, Piplica said, offering a similar lunch and dinner menu to the one available at Los Cabos – though Riverton’s version “may be a little bit scaled down on size, just for speed.”

    “The restaurant size is wonderful,” he said. “It seats about 60 people, (so) they think they can service it with five employees.”


    The council approved the license conditionally this week, pending final inspection and certification of the restaurant’s food service permit through the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

    For more information, call the City of Riverton at 856-2227.


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