112 Coroner cases so far this year

    (Fremont County, WY) – Fremont County Coroner Erin Ivie gave her 2023 third quarter summary to the Fremont County Commissioners on Tuesday, Oct. 10. The numbers are as of Oct. 1, 2023, unless otherwise noted.

    There have been 228 recorded deaths in Fremont County so far this year. The Coroner’s office has been contacted 131 times for investigation/referral. Of those 131 contacts, 112 were determined to be Coroner cases, one less than in 2022.

    So far in 2023, the total cases “non-natural” in manner (accident, homicide, suicide, undetermined) is 35 percent of the total Coroner cases (31 percent in 2022).

    • The number of accidental deaths is 28, four more than this time last year.
    • The number of deaths by suicide is 6, one more than this time last year.
    • The number of deaths by homicide is 3, the same as this time last year.

    There have been 10 vehicular deaths so far in 2023, one less than the same time last year. (Nine incidents resulting in 10 deaths).

    • Six of the deaths were drug and/or alcohol related
    • Two pedestrian deaths
    • One ATV death
    • Seven fatalities involved vehicles equipped with safety restraints – five were in use
    • Eight of the deaths are accidental in manner, and two are undetermined in manner

    Of the accidental deaths, eight were motor vehicle related, three were falls (one from standing, two from a height), nine were direct drug/alcohol toxicity, one choking asphyxia, two hypothermia, three freshwater drownings, and two carbon monoxide poisonings.

    Of the natural deaths, three are COVID-19 related/caused.

    Two cases are pending autopsy/toxicology.


    Drugs and alcohol related deaths so far this year account for 31 percent of all Coroner cases (29 percent in 2022), and 60 percent of the non-natural deaths (57 percent in 2022).

    Drugs and/or alcohol were involved in all homicides (100 percent), two of the six suicides (33 percent) and 17 of the 28 accidental deaths (61 percent).

    Total cases (natural and non-natural) most common drug related: alcohol = 19, methamphetamine = 12, fentanyl = four, opiates (non-fentanyl) = three. Some cases may involve more than one substance.


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