Wyoming Hunger Initiative allocates $85k in partnership with John P. Ellbogen Foundation in March to assist with pantry replenishment

    (Cheyenne, WY) – First Lady Jennie Gordon’s Wyoming Hunger Initiative in partnership
    with the John P. Ellbogen Foundation allocated $85,000 in March to anti-hunger nonprofit
    organizations in each of Wyoming’s 23 counties to help with the rising cost of food as the need increases and the availability of resources decreases.

    While grassroots efforts are underway in every Wyoming county dedicated to reducing hunger and combating food insecurity, demand on resources statewide has exponentially increased making it challenging for anti-hunger organizations to keep food on the shelves to include fresh produce and protein.

    “The mission of Wyoming Hunger Initiative is to support the existing work of anti-hunger
    organizations across the state,” First Lady Jennie Gordon said. “It’s important to us that we
    allocate resources where they will have the greatest impact, as quickly as possible to meet the need as communicated by the “boots on the ground.”


    Wyoming Hunger Initiative’s Regional Network works closely with the organizations in each of the counties to ensure that need is articulated to Wyoming Hunger Initiative and as a result, Wyoming Hunger Initiative can respond accordingly thanks to the generosity of so many. The John P. Ellbogen Foundation partnered with Wyoming Hunger Initiative to ensure that funds were distributed during this challenging time to keep up with the lack of resources and access to much needed supplies.

    “The Ellbogen Foundation seeks to understand the needs of the people of Wyoming and then fund impactful work that addresses those needs. We are grateful for our partnership with the First Lady and the Wyoming Hunger Initiative that provides us this opportunity to respond with critical support for the most basic needs of communities across the state” says Mary Garland, President of the Ellbogen Foundation.


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