Wyoming Game & Fish Dubois Fish Hatchery put on a brown trout clinic for Pathfinder PE students last week

    (Lander, WY) – Folks from the Wyoming Game and Fish Dubois Fish Hatchery stopped by Pathfinder High School last week to teach the PE class about all things fish.

    Jacob Ruthven, Kailyn Stern and Jared Horvath from the Hatchery taught students how to identify all of the different fish in our area, as well as how to properly dissect brown trout, and identify their organs.

    Ruthven, Regional Fisheries Biologist and leader of the presentation, said that this is the first time he has spoken to a class like this, but hopes to do it more.


    “A huge part of our mission with Wyoming Game and Fish is getting people involved,” Ruthven shared, and cited the Game and Fishes’ Inspire a Kid campaign. “It’s really a great opportunity to put this into schools and get the next generation involved in fishing and the outdoors.”

    The visit was a part of the new PE program at Pathfinder called “Lifetime Sports,” which puts an emphasis on outdoor activities, according to PE teacher Bo Red Bow.

    “A lot of these kids, we’re just trying to get them active and find things they can do for the rest of their life,” Red Bow told County 10. “You probably won’t play competitive basketball or football the rest of your life, but you can fish.”

    Red Bow said that in addition to what they learned from Game and Fish last week, students have also learned how to cast, tie different knots on hooks, and even filet their catches as a part of the fishing unit.


    Red Bow also shared an awesome story about one of the more inexperienced girl students who got the only catch of the day, an 11 inch brown trout, when the class was fishing in the creek behind Safeway, much to the chagrin of some of the experienced angler boy students.


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