Wyoming Game and Fish talks about one of the rarest fish in Wyoming, and the reintroduction of the ‘Hornyhead Chub’

(Fremont County, Wyoming)– Rene Shell with Wyoming Game and Fish joins us twice a month with ample information and this time you are going to find out about one of the rarest fish we have in the state. Check out the interview below.

There are records of this fish from the late 1800’s. Along with finding out about the ‘hornyhead chub’ we get to hear about the re-introduction to where they were native in Wyoming. These fish are a sensitive species of fish and get their name from bumps on their heads that help in building protection for their eggs. A fun fact is that the bumps on their heads are called “tubercles”.


What else is on tap in this episode? To start with you can find out about Wyoming Game and Fish raising pheasants and releasing them for hunting. Youth hunting day reminders, the commission meetings coming up and more.

You can also check out this article for more on Wyoming Game and Fish’s work with the Hornyhead Chub.