Upper respiratory infection making rounds in Lander’s dog community

    (Lander, WY) – For the last few weeks, an upper respiratory infection has been spreading across the dog community. To help mitigate the spread, the Lander Dog Park is discouraging use until November.

    It has not been confirmed through testing as kennel cough, according to Dr. Morgan Toye, of the Lander Valley Animal Hospital. She did confirm it is an upper respiratory infection causing a big, dry cough.

    A few veterinarian offices in both Dubois and Riverton told County 10 that they have not experienced any similar outbreaks as of October 18th.


    The majority of dogs with the infection had recently been groomed or boarded, Dr. Toye shared. The majority had their kennel cough vaccination as well.

    Most dogs getting veterinary treatment are improving within 3-4 days. There have also been a few dogs that did not receive medication, but are showing improvement within the same timeframe.

    She encourages everyone to be diligent in cleaning and keeping them away from other dogs for 14 days since the onset of symptoms – people can also spread the infection so be mindful if you are around other dogs.

    Dr. Toye also explained that if you are making an appointment for grooming or boarding, that it is okay to ask if they’ve had any outbreaks as well as what measures they have taken to clean.


    Editor’s Note: Lander’s only dog grooming and boarding facility is reopening today, October 20th, after shutting down last week to disinfect. Click here to read more.


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