Unveiling the future of agriculture – Celebrate Ag Day at CWC’s Rustler Ag and Equine Complex

    On Tuesday, March 19, Central Wyoming College (CWC) is proud to join the nationwide celebration of National Ag Day. From 10 am to 12 pm, the Rustler Ag & Equine Complex will come alive with the vibrant spirit of agriculture and equine industries. This event promises a dynamic morning filled with education, insights, and connections.

    Central Wyoming College proudly stands as a stalwart supporter of Wyoming’s agricultural heritage. With a dedicated faculty specializing in Agriculture and Equine studies, CWC is committed to nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders and professionals.

    During Ag Day at CWC, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Ag and Equine faculty members. Other organizations and local businesses will also be on hand to share their knowledge of the agricultural industry.

    • UW Extension Office
    • Brown Company
    • Big Horn Co-Op
    • Farm Credit Union
    • Stoc Doc
    • Wyoming Horse Sanctuary
    • Food Bank
    • Equine Nutrition
    • Chickens – Meat
    • Chickens – Hatchery
    • Purina – Feeds & Feeding
    • CWC’s Rustler Cattle Company
    • Wind River Conservation District
    • Popo Agie Conservation District
    • CWC Alpine Science Institute

    Whether you’re a seasoned agriculturalist or a curious newcomer, there’s something for everyone at this enriching event.

    Where Tradition Meets Innovation: Rustler Ag & Equine Complex

    Nestled within the heart of Wyoming’s farming and ranching communities lies the Rustler Ag & Equine Complex, a beacon of agricultural innovation and education. This state-of-the-art facility embodies the fusion of tradition and modernity, serving as a hub for agricultural advancements and exchanges.

    Generations of knowledge thrive on Wyoming’s farms and ranches, and the Rustler Ag & Equine Complex is dedicated to preserving and sharing this wealth of wisdom. It stands as a testament to Wyoming’s commitment to agricultural excellence, offering a platform to explore both time-honored practices and cutting-edge technologies.

    At the Rustler Complex, research intertwines with teaching, cultivating a fertile ground for innovation in livestock production, health methods, and agribusiness. From farm-to-table initiatives to entrepreneurial endeavors, this complex nurtures the seeds of progress, ensuring Wyoming remains at the forefront of agricultural development.

    Building a Stronger Tomorrow: The Impact of Ag Day

    Ag Day at CWC isn’t just about celebration; it’s about forging pathways to a brighter future for Wyoming’s agricultural landscape. By leveraging the resources of the Rustler Ag & Equine Complex, CWC aims to:

    • Educate and equip the agricultural workforce, ensuring they possess the skills and knowledge necessary for success.
    • Train the leaders essential for building a robust agriculture economy, and fostering innovation and growth within the region.
    • Attract regional events to enhance existing agricultural and equine operations, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.
    • Serve as a catalyst for economic development and advancement within Wyoming’s tourism corridor, promoting local food, culinary, agricultural, and equine industries.

    By harnessing the power of education, innovation, and collaboration, CWC is poised to meet the challenges of tomorrow head-on. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of agriculture and embrace the limitless possibilities it holds for Wyoming’s future.

    All ages are welcome to participate in this fun-filled morning of learning, discovery, and camaraderie.

    Together, let’s sow the seeds of progress and cultivate a brighter future for Wyoming’s agriculture. See you at Ag Day!

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