Transforming lives one smile at a time – Tessa’s Smile Story

Olsen Orthodontics wants you to see how amazing an orthodontic experience can be.

I believe that a smile can change a life and has the power to transform someone’s confidence, and being able to provide that to my patients is a wonderful privilege. Dr. Marc Olsen

There’s no better way to show you than through the eyes of someone who’s been there. This is Tessa’s smile story.

Tessa Kenyon, a patient of Olsen Orthodontics, shared her story of how orthodontic treatment transformed her life. As a dancer, Tessa always wanted a great smile and she was self-conscious about it. Her smile was a source of insecurity, which affected her confidence.

When asked about what kept her from seeking treatment before she did, Tessa shared that she got treatment as soon as it was recommended. She didn’t want to prolong the process of achieving a beautiful smile. Choosing who and how to receive treatment was important to Tessa. She wanted someone who truly cared, and Olsen Orthodontics was a place where they genuinely cared about their patients.

Tessa actually had two different sets of braces. Below you can see the total transformation with both.

Throughout her treatment, Tessa noticed several milestones that excited her. She recalls that the most noticeable was when her two front teeth finally became straight. It was a significant milestone for her, and it gave her the motivation to continue with the treatment. If Tessa had any reservations or fears about her treatment, the caring and non-judgmental approach of Olsen Orthodontics’s staff made her feel comfortable and at ease.

Tessa also learned something unexpected during her treatment. She never expected to get used to having braces. After a couple of years, they became a part of her. However, the most impactful moment of her care was the staff’s caring approach. They would remember things she told them a couple of appointments ago, and they genuinely cared about her well-being.

When asked what advice she would give to others who are unhappy with their smile, Tessa said, “Go out and do what you need to do to be happy with your smile!” She believes that everyone deserves to be confident and proud of their smile.

Orthodontic treatment transformed Tessa’s life. She is now confident to smile and no longer feels embarrassed. She can now focus on what she loves doing the most, dancing, without worrying about her smile.

Olsen Orthodontics is committed to transforming lives one smile at a time. They provide personalized care and attention to each patient, ensuring that their orthodontic journey is comfortable and successful. Olsen Orthodontics offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments, including traditional braces and clear aligners. They believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and healthy smile, and they are dedicated to helping their patients achieve it.

Ready to start your own smile journey? Visit the website or call (307) 332-9136 for a free consultation today! Your journey to a healthy, more beautiful smile begins now.

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