Threat made toward Lander Middle School on December 20 led to ‘stay put’ procedure, extra police presence that will continue through Thursday

    (Lander, WY) – Lander Middle School went into a “stay put” procedure on Wednesday, December 20, following a reported threat made to two students by an adult male while they were walking to school in the morning.

    According to Lander Police Department Chief Scott Peters, the two students stated that they immediately called their parents after an adult male (no age range given) approached them while they were walking to Lander Middle School yesterday morning.

    Chief Peters reported that the students said the man made a comment about “hating that school,” and then made an “idle threat.”


    The man then reportedly walked away, heading in the direction of the school while the students called their parents, who then informed law enforcement.

    At this time, LMS reportedly went under a “stay put” procedure while law enforcement began gathering information and following leads.

    During a “stay put,” class resumes as normal, but students are not allowed to leave the building while the premises are under close watch.

    While the school was in the “stay put,” the following message was sent to parents, and later shared with County 10:


    “Lander Middle School is currently in a “stay put,” but all students are safe and secure in the school building. Earlier this morning, we received information that there was an unknown person on Jefferson Street who made staff and students feel uncomfortable. Lander PD is currently on-site and investigating the situation, which is leading to some unfounded rumors and speculation. No one has been injured and class is proceeding normally.”

    Chief Peters said that LPD “takes all threats seriously,” and that they immediately began following leads and looking for a suspect, but all leads “have led to nothing” so far, and “nothing substantive” was found.

    Chief Peters went on to say that LMS will most likely undergo “say put” procedures again today, December 21, and that LPD will provide extra presence at the school all day long as a “precautionary measure.”


    He also added that they are still actively looking for suspects, and the investigation continues.

    FCSD #1 superintendent Mike Harris shared that he is currently drafting a press release that will be issued once it gets approval from the School Board.

    As School Board chairman Jared Kail awaits that draft, he did tell County 10 that “the safety of our kids is the highest priority at FCSD#1 and our administrators take all threats to our students and staff very seriously,” but that he would “defer to our administrators” for any further comment.


    County 10 also reached out to Principal Jade Morton for comment, but none was shared by time of publishing.

    County 10 will provide further updates from LPD and LMS as they become available.

    UPDATE: Superintendent Mike Harris shared the following message with County 10 following publication of this post:

    As Chairman Kail mentioned previously, our students’ safety and security is of utmost importance in Fremont #1. 

    The incident on Dec. 20 involved two Lander Middle School (LMS) students who were walking to school and encountered an adult male who reportedly made a threatening comment to them about LMS. This individual walked past the school but was not on school property at any point. 

    When the two students arrived at school, they notified LMS administrators, who immediately contacted the Lander Police Department and decided to keep students indoors for the duration of the school day. Parents and staff were also notified through the district’s school information system, Infinite Campus. 

    Since the threat was made outside of school by an unidentified individual, Lander PD is leading the investigation. Part of this process involves an increased police presence at LMS and neighborhoods around the school. 

    We greatly appreciate the additional support law enforcement is providing at this time, and Fremont #1 staff will also remain vigilant about any potential danger to our students and staff. We would like to thank all parents, students, school staff members, and the greater community for their patience and concern. Additional updates will be provided as we gather more information.


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