Strengthening Democracy: League of Women Voters in Fremont County

    For over three years now, the League of Women Voters of Fremont County (LWVFC) has been at the forefront of promoting civic engagement and informed decision-making among the residents of Fremont County, Wyoming.

    Since its inception in March 2020, LWVFC has been dedicated to providing essential voter services, significantly impacting the democratic process within the county.

    Informative Voter Guides: LWVFC takes pride in producing comprehensive Primary and General Election Voter Guides, which are distributed in both digital and printed formats. These guides are an invaluable resource, delivered to every household in Fremont County, offering unbiased information on candidates and ballot measures. By equipping voters with knowledge, these guides empower them to make well-informed decisions at the polls.


    Engaging Candidate Forums: A key initiative undertaken by LWVFC is hosting Candidate Forums during General Elections. These forums serve as platforms for candidates running for local, county, and state contested seats to present their views and engage directly with voters. This engagement facilitates a deeper understanding of candidates’ positions, enabling voters to make informed choices based on a clearer understanding of their ideologies and proposed policies.

    Ensuring Accessible Voter Information: LWVFC collaborates closely with the Fremont County Clerk’s office to ensure vital voter information is readily accessible to all. They work together to disseminate information regarding voter registration, changes in voting regulations, and other pertinent details crucial for a smooth voting experience. This partnership ensures that voters have the necessary information to participate fully in the electoral process.

    Media Outreach for Information Dissemination: LWVFC leverages social media channels and collaborates with various local media outlets to ensure updates and information. This proactive approach ensures that voters are kept informed about critical deadlines, developments, and events related to elections, thereby encouraging active participation in the democratic process.

    Connecting with LWVFC: Individuals interested in engaging with League of Women Voters of Fremont County can access their website or via email at [email protected] or contact them directly by phone at 307-349-1427 for additional information or inquiries.


    The League of Women Voters of Fremont County remains committed to empowering voters and cultivating an environment where informed civic engagement thrives. Through accessible, nonpartisan voter education initiatives and platforms for meaningful engagement, LWVFC continues to make a significant impact on the democratic landscape of Fremont County.

    Public Notice paid for by the League of Women Voters of Fremont County


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