#Smiles: Rising Stars Gymnastics had several top placers at Wyoming State Gymnastics Championships; Regionals next

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    (Lander, WY) – The 2023/2024 Wyoming State Gymnastics Championships were held in Lander on March 22-23. Below are the top results for Lander’s Rising Stars Gymnastics, which they provided.

    Level 2

    They took 6th place overall for their team. Ana Olsson got 1st place on the beam. Kayleigh Hulme 3rd place on the floor. Mia Jones 3rd place on beam and floor. Phoenix Lebeau got 2nd place on bars.

    Level 4

    They took 2nd place overall for their team. Phoebe Susanka got 1st place in bars and beam, and then 3rd place all around for her age group. Callia Scribner got 1st on floor, 2nd on beam, and 3rd on vault. Zoe Brown got 3rd on beam and floor. Caroline King got 3rd on beam and floor.

    Level 5

    Hailey Marshall got 3rd place on bars, 2nd on beam, 2nd on floor, and 3rd all around. Josie Hill got 3rd on the beam.

    Level 6

    They took 2nd place overall for their team. Grace Asbell took 1st place on vault. Tessa Taylor got 1st on floor and 3rd on bars and beam.

    Level 7

    They took 2nd place overall for their team. JoJo Olsson got 3rd on vault and on bars. Brooklyn White got 3rd on beam, 2nd on bars and on floor.

    Level 8

    Aleigha Hammond got 2nd place on bars, and 3rd on beam. Savannah Taylor got 2nd floor and 3rd on bars.


    All of the Level 6 through 8 qualified for Regionals in New Mexico on April 19 to 21. Those gymnasts include Aleigha Hammond level 8, Brinley Hammond level 6, Savannah Taylor level 8, Tessa Taylor level 6, Brooklyn White level 7, Gracie Asbell level 6, Alayna Blackburn level 6, JoJo Olsson level 7, and Charlie McDonald level 7.

    Rising Stars Gymnastics is located at 3011 Hwy 287. You can learn more about them on Facebook and at

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