Shoshoni’s new ambulance should be accredited next month, police chief says

    Shoshoni’s new ambulance will be up and running soon, town officials heard this week.

    The system should be accredited in October, police chief Chris Konija said during a Shoshoni Town Council meeting Tuesday.

    At that point, he said, the “hard part” of the process will be over.


    “The biggest part is just getting that (accreditation) over the finish line,” he said. “We have our protocols all done and just have to do the final check-off.”

    After the accreditation process is complete, Konija said the town will “work out a plan for expanding the available EMTs to staff it.”

    Shoshoni already has an EMS director and two EMTs “on the rolls,” Konija said, but he also plans to train local police officers “at least (at) the basic level to be able to essentially respond as needed.”

    He would also like to “try and get some more volunteers” to staff the ambulance, he said, noting that there are “a couple of people in town (who) expressed interest in helping out when they can.”


    Konija added that he has already had “discussions” with the local school district about using the town ambulance to “provide standby services” at sporting events instead of contracting with the county’s Frontier Ambulance company.

    For more information call the Town of Shoshoni at 876-2515.


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