Shoshone National Forest implements updated food and attractant storage order

    (Fremont County, WY) — The Shoshone National Forest has signed a new Forest Order relating to food and attractant storage, which will be implemented immediately. The last food storage order was signed in 2016, and this update brings the Shoshone National Forest into alignment with similar orders for all national forests in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Food Storage Orders have been an effective mechanism for protecting public safety and minimizing human-bear conflicts.

    The new Forest Order dealing with food and attractants can be found here.

    Many of the requirements of the new order remain unchanged from the previous version.  Some of the key changes for the new order include:

    • Requirements for storage or attendance of attractants are the same during daytime and nighttime hours.
    • Electric fences are an acceptable storage method if included on the most current Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Certified Bear-Resistant Products list, are installed properly, and meet the design and minimum electrical output specifications on that list. These fences must be tested with a voltmeter for proper operation at least every 24 hours.
    • Horse or livestock trailers used for storing attractants may not have any openings greater than 10 inches in two dimensions and must have any food, refuse, or animal carcasses stored more than three feet from any opening.

    “All visitors to the Shoshone National Forest need to familiarize themselves with the updated Forest Order regarding food and attractant storage,” said Acting Forest Supervisor Kathleen Minor. “By taking the time to understand the Forest Order prior to your visit, you are helping lessen the potential for human – wildlife conflicts on the Shoshone National Forest.”


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