Shane says: Save if you want, or don’t. Just shop local for Black Friday!

    So, usually I embarass myself with puns and quips in these ads. I know I’ve crushed the snarky tone if I can get more than one eye roll out of my wife Alisha!

    Oh, and this Shane at Gamble’s in Lander. Just in case you were confused. 

    Anyway – I’m not going to crack jokes….or eggs…. Or my knuckles…. In this ad. I tend to get reflective this time of year, as we all should I think. 

    I have a lot to be Thankful for. If you live here in Fremont County, you do too. Small towns all have their downsides, but the upside is always better. We help each other. We look out for each other. We support each other.

    This time of year is about family and friendship. I’ve met so many good people over the years since buying Gamble’s. I’m grateful for your trust in shopping at Gamble’s, I’m thankful for your business….

    …but more I’m thankful you shopped locally. 

    People may say I’m crazy, but I really don’t care if you shop somewhere else, just support someone local. Buy local. 

    I think it’s called Black Friday because we try to get the best deal possible and sometimes don’t even look at a local store to see if they have what we’re looking for – That’s why I tag a lot of my ads with “turn around, shop in town.” 

    It’s a Black Day when we don’t support each other. 

    This Holiday Season, I’m offering some deals, but I really only want to use my ad to ask you to support a Fremont County business this season. 

    If you want to save some money here at Gamble’s, we’ve got a few deals going on:

    • Save through the whole store in November – check out the marked down prices!
    • Appliances have an additional rebate through November 29th!! Whirlpool, Amana, Kitchen Aid, and Maytag all have Black November deals all month with up to $600 rebates.

    We’re also doing the KitchenAid Make It Your Own promotion where you can get up to $3000 rebate on qualifying KitchenAid purchases through THE END OF 2023. Stop in the store and ask us to tell you more. 

    So, you can save here at Gamble’s, or don’t…I mean, obviously I would love to see you here, but what I mean is that I care MORE that you shop SOMEWHERE local!

    Thank you for another great year, Fremont County. I’m humbled and blessed to be a part of this community.

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