Seattle Mariners pitcher says Wyoming isn’t real

    (Wyoming) – “Uh oh, some people are going to be mad,” Seattle starting pitcher Logan Gilbert prefaced the question posed by the Mariners social media team.

    On a TikTok appearance, the Florida-native was asked, “if you had to eliminate one state, which would you choose?”

    After giving it a moment of thought and concluding with the Cowboy State, Gilbert rationalized, “I’ve heard it’s not real to begin with, because think about it, have you ever met somebody from Wyoming? Nobody has. I’ve heard it’s not real.”


    Whether it’s just based on innocent fun, or odd conspiracy theories, Logan’s take isn’t alone. What may have originated from an old ‘Garfield‘ cartoon, the state’s existence has become a hot topic online.

    A Reddit thread with thousands of users has debated if our state is all a lie for years. The conspiracy also prompted one group to promote a line of “Wyoming Isn’t Real” clothing.


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