SageWest Staff Spotlight – Olivia Finney, Phlebotomist, Laboratory

    After the many tests that accompanied her eight months of pregnancy, Olivia Finney was ready for her big day ‒ a BIG change in profession.  The pregnant, then-certified nursing assistant (CNA) at SageWest decided she wanted to become a medical laboratory technician.

    She gave birth to her child, graduating with honors in laboratory science courses, and then accepted a position on SageWest’s laboratory team at the Riverton campus.  Olivia is now drawing blood from patients which is used in their diagnosis and treatment.  “The role is rewarding”, says Olivia, “because I am part of a team charged with discovering what is wrong with the patient by testing of blood and body fluids.”

    Olivia says working at SageWest is very exciting and “everyone is kind and welcoming.” She notes that the hospital is full of people who care for others and understand how patients feel.  Among her caring team members Oliva credits Medical Laboratory Scientist Larry, who first suggested that she should consider working in the laboratory.

    Olivia shared more about herself by answering a few additional “get to know me” questions.

    Do you draw inspiration from a special saying, quote or verse? Tell us about it.

    “It’s okay to be mad and angry. It’s not okay to say mean and hateful words.” My grandma said this to me to let me know that feelings matter, but it is not okay to be mean to others.

    Do you have any funny, exciting, or influential stories to tell from your career? Please share.

    As a CNA, I took care of a woman who “dismissed me” by taking out her hearing aids while I was talking to her about her care.  That’s one way to do it!

    What activities do you enjoy when you are not at work?

    I’m not outdoorsy, but I like being outside. I love walking around, sitting around a fire, drinking coffee or tea.

    Olivia Finney aspires to take the next step in her career by passing the Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) board certification.  This will allow her to perform patient testing in addition to phlebotomy.

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