SageWest Spotlight: Lindsey Hornecker, Human Resources Director

    Lindsey Hornecker is settling into her role as Human Resources Director at SageWest Health Care. Now with a month under her belt, she recently took some time to let us know more about herself.

    Lindsey comes from an education background. She loved teaching but wanted to get into administration. After becoming the director of two different education programs, Lindsey found herself drawn to the policy and legal aspects of the roles.

    “I got my masters in executive leadership ‒ there was a heavy human resources component of those programs,” she said. “I loved learning about policies and truly enjoyed advocating for employees. I’ve enjoyed watching the progression of how the workforce has changed over the years. I find it interesting and challenging to learn how to communicate with different groups of people with varying communication styles. I was fortunate to get into HR and move back to Fremont County to be closer to family.”

    Lindsey believes life has a way of working out because it led her into an HR position right in her hometown. “I was fortunate that I was able to find a position that I could utilize my experience and degrees, in my hometown,” she said. “I feel like I have a value and a purpose in my role. I look forward to utilizing my knowledge to enhance our processes here at SageWest.”

    Lindsey’s day-to-day routine changes, well, daily.

    “My typical day includes various problem-solving, whether it’s policy-related or personnel, and there’s a lot of foot traffic of a wide variety of questions,” she noted. “Navigating the available employee-support resources and helping communicate information is what I like to do best. I review a lot of policies, becoming familiar with how we operate. I like to get to know people in all the departments. I want people to know who I am and that I’m a warm and welcoming person who wants to help them.”

    Instead of working remotely, which Lindsey was doing before, each day at SageWest she experiences team members in-person who are welcoming and willing to offer support when she needs it. She was enthused to note that “…people have been great, they are friendly in the hallway and say ‘Hi.’ [It] feels very welcoming.”

    Lindsey added that she looks forward to being part of every department. She’s there to help and will gladly answer any questions.

    Welcome, Lindsey!

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