Riverton High School government students recently visited State Capitol

    Riverton High School government students, accompanied by teachers Rebecca Pierson and Daniel McLane, were granted an immersive experience during their visit to the Cheyenne Capitol. The students embarked on a comprehensive tour, engaging with notable state and federal representatives, as well as observing legislative processes firsthand.

    The agenda included a meeting with Secretary of State Chuck Gray, where students gained insights into the functions and responsibilities of the office. Subsequently, they visited the district court, interacting with two judges, a city prosecutor, and a city defender. Immersing themselves in the legal realm, the students were able to grasp the multifaceted dynamics of the judicial system.


    A highlight of the visit was the tour of the State Supreme Court building and the Federal Court House, during which the students had the privilege of meeting Federal Judge Kelly Rankin. This was followed by an enlightening session with Justice Gregory Phillips, one of the few 10th District Federal Judges, providing a valuable perspective on the federal judiciary.

    The students also had the opportunity to engage with both the federal defender and prosecutor, further broadening their understanding of legal advocacy. Meeting with Justice Kautz, a State Supreme Court Justice, allowed for a meaningful discourse on the intricacies of the state judiciary.

    The students were warmly welcomed into the legislative sphere, being introduced to the Senate floor by Senator Salazar and the House floor by Representative Ember Oakley. Witnessing the debate on the Wyoming Education Savings Accounts Act on the house floor provided invaluable exposure to the democratic processes at play within the legislature.

    In a poignant moment, the students sat in the room where women in Wyoming secured the first right to vote, connecting with a pivotal piece of local history. Additionally, they had the opportunity to interact with Drew Perkins, the Chief of Staff, gaining insights into the inner workings of the governmental apparatus.


    The visit also involved a meeting with Superintendent of Public Instruction, Megan Degenfelder, where the students engaged in discussions about feeding students in school and the election process. These discussions opened up avenues to contemplate the intersection of education, social welfare, and civic participation.

    The immersive excursion to the Cheyenne Capitol provided Riverton High School government students with a multifaceted understanding of the state and federal governance, fostering a holistic appreciation for the processes and individuals shaping the fabric of their society.

    The above information was provided to County 10 by RHS government teacher Rebecca Pierson.


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